We've Got Schools Covered. 

Our unique blend of data and real-world perspective ensures you get a glimpse of the whole picture. 

Here at Hoodvibe we want to offer you a thorough portrait of each neighborhood, using a combination of data and personal insight.  We strongly believe that although data and test results tell part of a school's story, it becomes more meaningful when balanced with the larger context of the school community.  We strive to get feedback from school administrators and parents to offer a more complete view of each one.  

When it comes to school rankings, we offer two excellent systems for each school so that you can get a look at how the school measures up to other schools in California (Great Schools), and also how our California schools compare nationally and internationally (School Grades).  We believe this dual context gives the most accurate, useful school profile for families.  


School Grades

School Grades uses an international standard of excellence to grade how well America's schools prepare students in core subjects.  They account for each school's economic profile, holding schools that serve affluent students to a higher standard.

Great Schools

Great Schools grades schools by how they compare across the state.  It's a great resource to see how each school measures up by California standards.