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Get a vibe on each Marin neighborhood and an idea of what your life would be like there.  Then connect with a hand-picked agent who will guide you to your new home.  



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We get it, because we’ve been there.  You want to find a new place, but scrolling through pages of MLS data can feel utterly useless and overwhelming when you have no idea what those neighborhoods are actually like.  Can you walk for a coffee?   How close are the trails?  You've been hearing all about how great Marin schools are, but what does that actually mean?  And how do you find an agent you can count on, who gets you and really has your best interests in mind?  

The good news is we’ve got your back.  Hoodvibe doesn’t play favorites.  We want to help you find the perfect hood, and the perfect agent, in that order.  

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Whether you’re living in the city and looking to make a move to the suburbs for the schools and family life, or maybe a job is bringing you to the Bay Area and you’re scrolling through photos of houses in neighborhoods and cities you have never seen, it’s so hard to figure out where you’re going to be the happiest, or where to get started.  Maybe you don’t know whether you should be looking

in San Anselmo where you love the sweet bookstores and coffee shops downtown, or sleepy Novato with its wide streets and chilled out suburban convenience, or how much house will you get if you hold out for the awesome biking trails and speedy commute to the City in Mill Valley? We want to give you an unfiltered, balanced perspective on each neighborhood so that you can find a neighborhood that fits you.


We've covered the most popular neighborhoods in Marin and put everything you need to get a feel for that neighborhood in one place, to make it super easy for you.   From school ratings and district policy to great local restaurants and shopping options, you will get a solid idea of what it would be like to live in that neighborhood.  Once you find a place you love, have a look through our teams of hand-picked agents who'll help you navigate the competitive and unique real estate market in Marin County.   We are incredibly proud of the exceptional group of agents featuring on our site, and highly recommend reaching out to them if you are considering a move to Marin County.  Welcome to Hoodvibe!    



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